About me

Hi, I’m Coach Teri 

I'm a Christian Life coach who specializes in helping others Regain balance in their life; Restore purpose to their days; Release clutter from their soul; and Reclaim joy to their spirit.  I don't know if you're someone who needs to get those 4 R's back into your life. But if you are, I want you to know that God has led you to the right place today! I hope you stay awhile and feel the support of knowing you are not alone.  

I know from experience that getting on the other side of overwhelm can be very difficult when you have to navigate it alone. That's why I'm here.  I would love to share that journey with you and walk along side of you as your coach and friend. 

My Story

My Purpose...

...to share your journey and help you to the other side of overwhelm 


So, Let's talk Overwhelm


4 VERY important Areas of Life

Overwhelm can attack with a vengence, these 4 areas of your life - physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental. I consider these the foundation from which your life is built.

 4 Pillars

The 4 pillars that sit on that foundation - Balance, Purpose, order & joy - share the burden of keeping your house standing strong.


Living Your BEST LIFE

Overwhelm, no matter what it's origin or cause, can shake the very foundation of your life and weaken, or take down, any one of those pillars unexpectedly. Overwhelm feeds the internal clutter that's taken up residence in years past. And it creates a whole new mound of clutter that we have never been familiar with before . This causes us to lose a sense of balance in our life. A loss of purpose to our days. And an emptiness to our soul that used to be filled with joy.  In other words, it keeps you from living your BEST LIFE!  The one God has ordained and chosen for you.  One that should be filled with purpose and joy.  

Coach Teri - fulfilling my purpose so you can fulfill yours




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