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A community of learning, support & connection

You don't have to do this alone anymore! Begin your journey out of this chaos, now!  





We all need community! 

In this chosen4purpose community you will find a Place of Connection.

  • gain support through a private community of others on a similar journey.
  • Take advantage of the weekly prayer meet-ups; Tuesday's 10 minute Re-set; and Thursday's "Share the Journey" Group Coaching.
  • Get access to a number of opportunities & discussions about topics that matter to you.
  • Participate in reaching your goals through easy challenges geared toward finding your balance in life; clearing out the clutter within (that is keeping you stuck); Overwhelm and so much more
  • Feel support through direct access to a life coach who will be there every step of the way through your very unique journey. 


We all need support

In this Chosen4purpose community you will find an easy paced place of learning.

  • Master classes and downloads about the topics that matter to you
  • Bonus material and resources that are ever changing and growing according to what will serve you best
  • Free weekly Group Coaching with an on site (online) life Coach available for additional support. 


We all need balance, purpose & joy

This community is for...

  • the overwhelmed, stressed, tired, disappointed, disillusioned
  • those who want to embrace a different way of looking at life
  • those that are stuck in their emotional, spiritual and/or physical chaos
  • business professionals overwhelmed with trying to balance work, home, & personal life 
  • anyone who has experienced burnout causing them to re-define their life and purpose
  • those needing help to clear out the internal clutter keeping them from living their best life
  • anyone tired of going it alone and need support from a Christian community & coach

 Still Not Convinced?

In this chosen4purpose community you will find...

  • weekly access to group coaching with a Christian Life coach 
  • bite size resources, downloads and learning material that will help ease your stress and not add to it!  
  • a growing, private, supportive community of people to connect with
  • optional meet-ups in the community as well as relevant topic discussions applicable to you and your needs
  • So what's holding you back? I know you're ready for change. I know you desire relief and support - emotionally, physically and spiritually. I know you want to live your best life but feel unable to reach that alone.

With a minimal monthly fee (or discounted yearly membership) Our Chosen4purpose Community is perfect for those who can't afford the one on one coaching at this time. Join our community today and find the support you need to get unstuck and out of the muck. Let's get you moving toward that best life that I know you can live.

This is Coach Teri- fulfilling my purpose so you can fulfill yours.


I'm Convinced

Monthly Subscription

$35.00 a month for unlimited monthly access to the chosen4purpose community.

monthly subscription

Yearly Subscription

$250 for 1 year unlimited access to the Chosen4purpose community. 

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