Teri Seiler

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Teri is a former worship pastor/teacher that serves today as a Christian Life coach to women who are overwhelmed and struggling just to keep balance in their busy lives.  As someone who has experienced burnout in the past, she understands what overwhelm can do to a person's physical, emotional, environmental and spiritual life. 

Teri has spent most of her life in the ministry and uses that experience in her coaching. She is also the author of the book "Finding Your Balance" (In An Unbalanced World)

As a speaker, she provides events, workshops, women's retreats and more to churches of all faith, schools, Christian businesses and more.     

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Living out her purpose so others can live out theirs.

Teri has been involved in ministry since she was 5 years old, where she can remember singing along side her dad, who was a minister himself.  As an adult, she spent many years volunteering at a private grade school as a music teacher.  During those years, she was active in many different leadership roles of her church, including choir director, elder and women's ministry leader. She has had experience with both planning and speaking at various women's retreats. When her own kids began to reach high school age, she went back and got her bachelors degree in music & secondary education.  Her ministry and calling became more evident still, when she combined both chaplaincy and music to begin her first "official" teaching experience in a private secondary Christian school setting in Arlington, Texas.   She stayed in the teaching field for the next 12 years.  Every Spring, Teri would look forward to taking her chorale to several area churches, where they would conduct the entire service with song and message. This became her favorite experiences of teaching, as it would undeniably bless both the kids and the church.  When burnout re-directed her ministry efforts, she went back to get her masters in the area of worship and music.  She then accepted a job as a part time worship pastor in North Carolina. Today, she is back in Texas with her husband of 43 years, working as a Life Coach for the overwhelmed.  Her ministry continues to bless others through Spiritual fed blogs, a weekly podcast called "Place of Worship" and as the author of the book - "Finding Your Balance" (In An Unbalanced World)". Teri has preached from many pulpits and continues to use her gifts of writing, speaking and music wherever God continues to open doors. If you would like to know more about how to schedule her for a speaking engagement, just fill out the form below and she will contact you personally to work out the details and answer any additional questions you may have.  



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