Table of Contents 

Introduction: Meet Your Coach

1.  Bringing Balance Back

2.  A Formula for the Journey

3.  Meditation God's Way

4.  Problems, Perspectives & Paradigms

5.  Moving From "Stuck" to Change That Sticks"

6.  You Got This!

7.  Don't Believe it!

8.  Trust in "That Which Is Greater"

9.  A Parable of Love & Position (Part 1)

10. A Parable of Love & Position (Part 2)


Look Inside

View the world from a much different perspective. It can be breathtaking! In Finding Your Balance, author Teri Seiler takes the principles she uses as a health and wellness coach and applies them to the health and wellness of your soul. This book was written for: Those who need spiritual coaching . Those who are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, out of balance . Those who want to embrace a different way of looking at life . Those who feel stuck and just can't seem to go where they want to go . And those who simply want to strengthen their spiritual walk with the greatest coach out there - God! With Finding Your Balance, it's possible you'll find yourself on a cliff of your own, overlooking life from a much different perspective. And who knows? It might just take your breath away!


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Teri K Seiler a Christian health & wellness coach who has served as a chaplain, music teacher, and worship pastor. Today she is working as a coach for people who are struggling with the effects of stress and overwhelm, helping them to find balance and health in their lives. She has found coaching to be a rewarding complement to her love for ministry.